Private Cremation Care

Private Cremation Care

Schoedinger Pets Memorials & Cremation Services offers families private cremation, so you know your beloved companion receives our complete attention. With private cremation care…

Your pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber.  Learn more about the different types of pet cremation.

You'll receive our Pet Memory Kit which includes:

  • Certificate of Private Cremation (Label on urn)
  • Your pet's cremated remains in a wooden urn with a custom nameplate
  • Your pet's pawprint in ink*
  • Comprehensive packet of grief information for the entire family
  • A clipping of your pet's fur*
  • Access to support from pet loss professionals who are also pet parents
Optional Services include a ceramic paw print*, special urns, cremation jewelry, and other memorial options.  Click here to learn more about urns and merchandise choices.
cremation service Fees

cremation service Fees

We are here to support you in your grief journey seven days a week and will work with you and/or your veterinarian to transfer your pet into our care.  Transportation from your veterinarian is complimentary within the greater metropolitan area.  Please contact us for transportation requests outside our typical service area.

Our fees are based on the weight of your pet .  Click here for  a complete service and pricing guide.

Final Goodbye and cremation witnessing

Final Goodbye and cremation witnessing

Schoedinger Pet Services offers families the option of coming to our dedicated space to spend a few final moments with your pet prior to cremation at no charge.  For many people, this provides a sense of comfort and peace you may not have had when you left your pet at the veterinarian's clinic.

Some families choose to take this a step further and witness their pet being placed in the cremation chamber.  This service is available for an  additional fee.  

Witnessing your pet's cremation is an important final step for some families and cultures.

*There are some circumstances which prevent obtaining a paw print or fur clipping

Please call Schoedinger Pets Memorials & Cremation Services at 614-224-0010 for more details about our cremation options, or contact us to talk with one of our pet loss professionals.